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Federal Specification

AA-2886B Type I Printer Friendly

  • Good bead adhesion
  • Spreading rate of 350 linear feet per gallon of 4-inch line
  • Spreading rate of 110 – 130 square feet per gallon
  • Can be applied with standard striping equipment
  • Easy clean-up with Mineral Spirits or VM&P Naphtha
  • May bleed on fresh asphalt or sealcoated surfaces – See “Application Procedures”
  • This paint may lift improperly aged or inferior asphalt pavements
  • Keep away from all heat sources – Flammable

Viscosity: 70 to 85 Krebs Units

Weight per gallon: 12.50 minimum

Dry to NPU: 15 to 30 minutes track free at 15 mils wet

Vechile Type: Alkyd Resin

Total Solids: 70% minimum

Solvent Type: VM&P Naphtha

Shelf Life: 9 months minimum properly stored

FED AA-2886B Type I Documentation:

AA-2886B Type I (White) Safety Data Sheet
AA-2886B Type I (Lead Free Yellow) Safety Data Sheet

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