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Traffic Paint

Safety Coatings is the industry leader in innovative, high quality road markings and safety products.

Athletic Fields

Let Safety Coatings help you turn your team's surface into a field of dreams.

Airfield Markings

Whether your need is for delineation or horizontal surface signage, we've got a coating for you.

What makes us different

Safety Coatings, Inc. has been manufacturing Roadrunner Brand striping paint for concrete, asphalt, athletic fields, and pavement since 1979. The custom-made paint products are available for a variety of purposes, in various colors, and numerous formulations.

Best things from us

  • Industry Leader for 34 years
  • Products meet federal and some state specifications
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Easy Application
  • Superb material documentation

Professional team

Our team of qualified professionals have over 120 years of experience.

Quality Lab Techs

Upon request, the Lab can create unique formulas for striping paint specs.

Eco-friendly Products

Many of the paints we manufacture are Eco-friendly with low volatile organic compound.

Safety Coatings...where you see asphalt, we see a blank canvas!

Product Examples

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    Athletic Surfaces

  • Portfolio name

    Airfield Surfaces

  • Portfolio name

    Street & Highway Paints

  • Portfolio name

    Waterborne Paints

  • Solvent Based Paints

    Solvent Based Paints

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    Parking Lot

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    Fire Lane

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    Speciality Markings

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