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General Information

Info on the Coatings, Colors, Packaging, Reflective Glass Beads, and More

At Safety Coatings, Inc., you can customize your order of traffic markings, or other coating products, as these specialized paints are manufactured in shop at the Safety Coatings facility. If you are looking to get just the paint you want from the color to the type of reflective glass beads, Safety Coatings gives you plenty of options. Just some of your choices can be found below.

Color choices:

  • All traffic paints: White and Yellow
  • Acryset, AACT Acrylic, and Conventional Roadrunner: Handicap Blue, Safety Red, and Black
  • NETCO Net Dip: Green
  • Loop Guard Four (Loop Sealant): Gray
  • We will accept special orders for all other paints. If you are interested in getting paint in another color, we do require a minimum of a 60 gallon order for any special colors.

Packaging (all containers conform to current UN requirements):

  • One-gallon cans (4 per case)
  • Five-gallon pails
  • Fifty-five-gallon drums
  • 275 Gal. capacity IBC Tote, filled to 250 gals.

Solvents Available (for thinning and clean-up):

  • Toluene
  • VM&P Naphtha
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Methanol

Reflective Glass Beads (meet AASHTO and FEDERAL SPECS):

  • Type I
  • Type III (HI-Index for Airports)