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Hi Build

Durable Waterborne Traffic Paint Printer Friendly

  • Low VOC
  • Excellent initial and long term retroreflectivity (works best with big beads)
  • Can be applied with standard waterborne striping equipment with no modifications
  • Can be used to refurbish existing thermoplastic lines
  • Lower cost than other durable products
  • Excellent for crosswalks and legend markings
  • Can be applied at films up to 30 mils wet without cracking
  • 2 to 3 years durability
  • Spreading rate of 180 to 200 linear feet per gallon of 4-inch line
  • CANNOT be used in galvanized, brass, aluminum, or steel equipment – Recom- mend stainless steel or plastic components
  • Keep from freezing
  • Addition of water or other soluble solvents will adversely affect dry time
  • All equipment should be cleaned before paint dries

Viscosity: 85 to 95 Krebs Units

Weight per gallon: 13.00 minimum

Dry to NPU: 3 to 10 minutes track free at 20-30 mils wet

Vechile Type: Patented crosslinking technology acrylic binder

Total Solids: 75% minimum

Volume Solids: 60% minimum

Shelf Life: 1 year minimum properly stored

Hi Build Documentation:

Hi Build (White) Safety Data Sheet
Hi Build (Lead Free Yellow) Safety Data Sheet
Hi Build (Black) Safety Data Sheet
Hi Build (Blue) Safety Data Sheet
Hi Build (Red) Safety Data Sheet

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