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Net Dip

Characteristics: Printer Friendly
  • Protects and preserves nets
  • Sealed finish for minimum water absorption
  • Can be applied to marine nets and sports nets
  • Available in 55-gal drums, 5-gal pails, and 1-gal cans (4 per case)
  • Standard color is Green
  • Special colors available in 55 gallon minimum quantities
  • Easy clean-up with Mineral Spirits or Naphtha
  • Keep away from all heat sources – Flammable

Viscosity: 20-30 seconds #2 Zahn cup

Weight per gallon: 7.00 minimum

Vechile Type: Plasticized Alkyd

Shelf Life: 1 year minimum properly stored

Net Dip Documentation:

Safety Data Sheet
Net Dip (Green) Safety Data Sheet Net Dip (Green) Technical Data Sheet

***Note*** Colored buttons are strictly for visual navigation and are not the exact color upon application of the product.

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