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Paints for State Specifications

Safety Coatings, Inc. maintains pre-approved stocks of the following state specification paints:

  • Alabama Waterborne
  • Alabama Solvent Based
  • Florida Waterborne
  • Georgia Waterborne
  • South Carolina Waterborne
  • North Carolina Waterborne
  • Tennessee Waterborne

Other State Specifications can be manufactured per customer’s request.

Florida Fast Dry State Spec.

Florida FD WB 2 min. Black
Florida FD WB 2 min. LF White S710-0116
Florida FD WB 2 min. LF White S710-0123
Florida FD WB 2 min. LF Yellow

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 Waterborne Paints for Federal Specs
  • Fed Spec TTP-1952B
  • Fed Spec TTP-1952E Type I

  • Fed Spec TTP-1952E Type II

  • Fed Spec TTP-1952E Type III

Solvent Based Paints for Federal Specs
  • Fed Spec AA-2886B Type I

  • Fed Spec AA-2886B Type II

  • Fed Spec AA-2886B Type III

Application Procedure
  • Waterborne Application

  • Solvent Based Application

Other Paint Applications