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Parking Decks Application Procedures

The following procedures should be followed when applying Safety Coatings, Inc. marking paints in order to achieve maximum durability and visibility:

  1. A durable semi-gloss paint is recommended. The semi-gloss finish helps keep the lines cleaner for longer periods of time. The air flow in parking decks is different than open parking lots; therefore, more dirt circulates and is not washed away by rain, etc.

  2. Yellow is recommended over White for optimum visibility.

  3. New concrete surfaces are very difficult to adhere to due to their curing compounds. Most curing compounds take 8-12 weeks to dissipate. Therefore, painting a concrete surface less than 3 months old is NOT RECOMMENDED. If painting must be done sooner, please contact Safety Coatings, Inc. for our recommended paint and application procedures.

  4. Curing compounds must be removed from the surface for optimum adhesion of paint. Pressure washing is recommended, and the concrete must be allowed to dry.

  5. Sweeping or blowing loose dirt and debris is recommended before applying paint.

  6. For reflectorization, drop-on glass beads should be applied immediately after the paint with the optimum amount being 6 lbs. per gallon of paint uniformly spread over the entire time.

  7. All paint lines should be adequately protected until they are track free before traffic is allowed over the line.

  8. Since most traffic paint dries rapidly, all equipment, tools, etc. should be cleaned as soon as possible after the application is complete.

  9. When applying alkyd paints, the air temperature and surface temperature should be 40⁰F minimum.

  10. When applying waterborne paints, the air temperature and surface temperature should be 50⁰F minimum.

Parking Decks Application Procedure PDF